Covid-19 Thoughts and Ideas

Summer Greetings from Pea Ridge Forest!

It has been quite a spring so far! Because of all the uncertainty that coronavirus brings, we are planning to send several newsletters prior to our harvest season to share our thoughts and feelings. We also hope to get some feed-back from you, our valued customers. It is very important to us that we hear how you all are doing during this time and your expectations for this coming Christmas tree season. Of course, no one knows what is going to happen by then, but we do need to create some sort of plan for various scenarios. Looking forward to the season, we have several fields of our own trees this year and plan on bringing in a limited amount of fraser fir. We have several major problems logistically to protect our customers and employees if we are still under the social distancing rules when it comes to trailer rides to the fields, access to the gift shop, cashiers, and more! 

We have traditionally been open every day from Thanksgiving till Christmas with the weekends after Thanksgiving being by far the busiest. Some of the ideas we are bouncing around would be to urge all who could to try to come during the week to avoid the busy weekends. We have not decided on any course of action, but we are trying to brainstorm some potential plans to mitigate risks and protect our employees and customers!

This is just a preliminary note to reach out and let you know that we are brainstorming all of this and would truly appreciate it if you would take the time to respond with your thoughts and ideas. We will try our best to be here and provide you with memory-making experiences as we have in the past! 

Make sure to check our facebook, instagram, and website for information and further updates!


Hope to hear from you all soon!

The Roods


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