Dear Friends and Customers,

It has been quite a year for us at Pea Ridge. LeRoy—husband, father, g’pa, mentor and friend passed away in May. He was the one, 49 years ago, who had the ‘guts’ to pursue this adventure we have been on. Without his fortitude, and working for a number of years at McDonnell-Douglas after we purchased the farm, it never would have survived. His family carries on as best we can.

Our weather has been favorable for trees this year—particularly spring and early summer.  We have had a dry spell lately, but have had some much-needed rain early in October.

Hopefully, this Christmas season, the pandemic will have eased a bit, but we will probably keep our precautions in place—i.e., masks inside, a food truck for snacks, hot chocolate served in the Morten bldg.., porta potties, and hiking to the fields, for the most part. Hopefully everyone who is able will have had their vaccinations, and we will have as safe an environment as possible.

We will still bring in Fraser firs as always from Michigan to supplement our own trees in the field. Wreaths and all our arrangements, baskets, and containers will be available. Our gift shop that Karen puts together so beautifully, will be full of great holiday gifts and home decorations.  This year we are going to try something new as far as our days of operation. We will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays—open Wednesday thru Sunday--9am to 5pm. The reasons are several, but this is a busy time for the fall digging of our B & B trees which is a huge part of the farm’s business. Allowing two days for the whole crew to catch up and the girls to plan and prepare for the next weekend will be a great help.

The family is doing well—of course the grand daughters are our delight (at least in g’ma’s world). Jess, our oldest, got an internship this summer in Great Barrington, Massachusetts at the American Institute for Economic Research. Her comment on her time there was “I am living a dream.”  She will graduate in May from Truman. Jenna, our middle girl, is a sophomore at MU and working part-time at the University hospital. She is applying for nursing school to start next semester. She has a special gift for caring for people, particularly the young and seniors. She demonstrated that often while assisting with her g’pa. Jill, our youngest, who will soon be ‘16’ and driving, is our athlete-scholar.  Her passion is volleyball and is very good. She is a sophomore, an excellent student, and is involved in many high school activities.  A friend to all—she makes us smile.  We are so thankful and grateful to have these three wonderful young people in our lives (for g’ma particularly they have been a Godsend this year). Sons Mike and Scott, who took over the farm a number of years ago, are busy of course—Mike has a phone in his ear a lot and Scott is becoming very familiar with the computer besides helping Mary keep her sanity.  Daughter Michele and Dr. Jerry are busy in Columbia with Jerry’s practice and Michele’s University position. Audrey, who was affectionately known as the ‘Hot Chocolate Lady’ and in earlier years made many wreaths for us, passed away this summer. She will be missed by all of us.

We look forward to the Christmas season here at Pea Ridge welcoming all our friends and customers to the farm and helping them make their own holiday memories.

Yours in trees,

The Roods

  • 22735 Tree Farm Rd., MO 65041