Pea Ridge Forest is opening its doors August 8th, 2019 to provide a chance for green industry professionals to get together for a relaxing and enjoyable day and not feel guilty about leaving the office. Take an opportunity to commiserate with your peers and see what's new and exciting at Pea Ridge.

The Open House 2019 was a success! We started off the day with refreshments and donuts from the local bakery while everyone settled in. Collin Wamsley spoke to us about sudden oak death, boxwood blight, and some other troubles that plague our industry. After that, we took a walking tour of the farm which showcased a planting demonstration. Then a nice lunch was supplied by Mary Rood and Karen Pagel. After lunch, Mike took the wagon out to showcase other parts of the farm and discussed how we over-summer our above ground inventory. 

We are very grateful for all who came out and hope it was a good experience! Please feel free to reach out if you had any questions or wanted to get in touch with us!