Family-Owned Wholesale Tree Farm

Located in mid-Missouri, Pea Ridge Forest is a family owned and operated tree farm on the bluffs of the Missouri river, near Hermann. Protected by the rolling hills, our location affords ideal growing conditions for a wide variety of trees including a full line of B&B evergreens, shade trees and ornamentals.


At Pea Ridge we believe quality, attention to detail and hard work are paramount for a successful business. As such, good cultural and handling practices are a priority. We:

  • Start with quality liners and drip irrigation,
  • Maintain clean fields,
  • Strive for straight trunks by staking,
  • Prune carefully so plants produce full heads,
  • Drip irrigate all deciduous trees,
  • Carefully monitor digging with emphasis on optimal balls that result in optimal plant growth,
  • Load and ship trees with care so they arrive in prime condition.


In addition to quality, customer service is extremely important to us. We invite you to tour our operation and personally tag your trees. We will work with you to schedule deliveries in advance and to coordinate delivery locations so there are no unwelcome surprises.

Our success depends on our customers. Therefore your support and feedback are important elements in our growth and the future direction of our business. Please feel free to contact us with questions and to let us know how we are doing. At Pea Ridge, we want to understand your needs and will do our best to meet and exceed those needs.

Acer rubrum, Oct. Glory fall foliage
  • 22735 Tree Farm Rd., MO 65041