LeRoy Rood


LeRoy passed on in May, 2021. The family is saddened by his loss but forever grateful for the life and legacy he created. 

More About LeRoy

LeRoy Ellis Rood was born March 22, 1937 to Janet and Harland Rood in Big Rapids, Michigan. As a military kid, LeRoy traveled with his family and graduated high school in the Philippines. He liked to boast that he graduated 6th in his high school class… out of 6 kids. After graduation, LeRoy found his interests aligned as a mechanical engineer at McDonnell Douglas. LeRoy worked on several interesting projects such as: LEM, Gemini, F-18, and the Harrier. More importantly, it was at McDonnell Douglas that LeRoy met Mary, his soon-to-be wife. After inviting her out for a Coke in his classic Triumph, the two soon started dating and eventually married. 

After traveling the country for work and raising Michele, Michael, and Scott, a friend told LeRoy that a tree farm was for sale in the rolling hills of rural Missouri. Knowing Mary’s dreams of living and working on a farm, Leo jumped on this opportunity and brought the family out for a tour. Immediately, Mary fell in love with the land. But it was LeRoy who had the courage and determination to commit to this next chapter of their lives. Through the years that followed, the children and the farm grew and prospered. During this time, LeRoy enriched the lives of countless young men and women who came to work on the farm. Now, his two sons Michael and Scott have carried on Leo’s legacy at Pea Ridge Forest.

LeRoy came to be known as an incredible small business owner and father, and in the last chapter of his life, he shone as a beloved grandfather to Jessica, Jenna, and Jill. Mary and LeRoy opened their house and hearts to their three granddaughters and instilled in them a love of the farm and butter pecan cake. 

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